LHC’s volunteer team begin to transform The Castle at Devonport Park

Last weekend a team of LHC volunteers rolled up their sleeves to begin transforming a run-down area known as ‘The Castle’ into a fabulous storytelling zone, at the home of local charity Routeways.

In 2018 LHC raised over £4000 to buy new outdoor kit for the charity, but we also committed to upgrading an area of their Devonport Park site. So, after drawing up a design and receiving donations of materials from some generous business contacts (cmostores, Marshalls, SWS Ltd, National Trust and Camira Fabrics), the makeover could finally get underway.

Once complete the area will benefit from an upgraded castle wall, new storytelling chair, audience seating, new paving to improve accessibility throughout the year. The area is used as a play and storytelling space to promote development of imagination, listening and social skills. It’s a multi-functional space which had become unfit for purpose, but the team at the Plymouth studio could see it had bags of potential.

The team of eight volunteers worked their socks off all weekend. Day one saw them tackle the castle wall. They marked out, cut to size and sanded all timbers, and fixed the supports to the wall ready for the main timbers which will create the castle features. Day two was spent fixing the front timbers to the castle wall, starting work on the story telling chair area, removing the bark, carving out the seat shape and beginning to landscape a new stage/performance area.

The LHC volunteers are on site next during the first weekend of June so keep your eye out for updates on the build.

This would not have been able to go ahead without the generous support of some fantastic businesses including:

CMO Stores, Plymouth
Kindly donated £1200 worth of materials including all the timber and fixings.
cmostores.com is a group of specialist online stores that deliver the building supplies you need, straight to you.

Kindly donated paving, expertise and labour.
A complete external landscaping, interior design, paving and flooring products business, from planning and engineering, to guidance and delivery.

SWS Ltd, Plymouth
Kindly fabricated the audience seating.
Specialist providers of bespoke interiors for the retail, commercial, leisure and public sectors.

National Trust, Plymbridge Woods
Kindly donated the huge log for our storytelling seat.
A wooded valley opening up to the moors of Dartmoor with a rich and varied industrious past.

Camira Fabrics
Kindly donated fabrics to make a storytelling cloak which will be made by LHC’s talented interior designer, Sian Crayford.
Make fabrics for spaces and places, from offices to schools, trains to buses, and shops to hospitals.

Routeways is a Plymouth based local charity that supports children, young people, families and individuals to overcome disadvantage.

For more information visit www.routeways.org.uk